Sunday, November 25, 2012

Kevin Wei

I'm having the flu. It's pretty bad. I can't go to the gym. Or go out with friends..
But I sure as hell can post my last obsession that got me crazy downloading over the internet.

This is Kevin Wei. Taiwanese, an apparent fellow PLU, seemingly attached, appeared in a talk show once. I saw his profile while Facebook surfing (yes it's a thing to do) and voila! He loves taking pictures of himself (thank goodness cuz he's so bloody handsome and he knows it too).

Enjoy, my dear viewers.

Oh wait, did I mention, he plays the guitar? :)
What's hotter than a hot guy? A hot guitarist!! Damn I'd sooooo be a groupie and go backstage just to gargle his balls or something. I feel like such a slut. A slut with the flu. Ugh.
He plays with a famout DJ, in Taiwan, apparently. DJ F*Daniel. I wonder how one pronounces that name.
Anyways, enjoy a few more choice pics. I have stored many, MANY more of him. But they're of him clothed, guess you wouldn't be interested in those eh?
KevinWei the shredder!

Oh how he melts me with the Ukulele.

So, what else do we have in common apart from the love for hot pictures of him in the naked flesh? Bands. Rock bands. Like, we're talking Avenged Sevenfold and Green Day and Muse kinda stuff. I'm smitten.
Why~ why do you have to be attached~



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